My Favorite Quilt (So Far)

String quilt 3I think this is it—my most favorite quilt that I’ve made so far. I have loved it since I started piecing it many years ago, and I still love it today, now that it’s finally finished.

The pattern for the quilt is from the book String Quilt Revival by Virginia Baker and Barbara Sanders. (That’s the same book I used to make String Quilt #2.) The blocks are 6.5 inches and include one piece of the four-pointed star surrounded by strings. I used a mesh stabilizer as a foundation for the blocks. It doesn’t add much weight, but it adds a lot of stability when sewing all those thin strips of fabric. (Here’s a link to purchase the stabilizer I used from the book’s authors.)

String quilt quilting

The blocks are then put together to form the stars and the secondary diamonds. I love the shapes in the quilt, so I accentuated them with the quilting. I outlined the stars and added lines to the centers. For the diamonds, I just followed the strings in kind of a modified spiral.

String quilt 4

The quilting really was a hang-up for me, as I’ve had the quilt top done for at least two years. I’ve even had it pinned for most of that time. But I was afraid I might not like the quilting, and then I’d be really sad. Finally, I decided I just wanted the quilt done. So I quilted it. And while it’s nowhere near perfect, I still love it.

String quilt 6

The finished quilt is 59 x 59 inches. The backing I used is just one fabric, a teal that pretty much matches the lighter stars. It’s also the fabric I used as the binding.

For me, this quilt is really a memory quilt—a fabric memory quilt. I love looking at all the little pieces of fabric and remembering the projects I made with each one. Baby quilts for kids who are now in middle school and high school, bags that I’ve worn out, and mug rugs I’ve given as gifts.

We’ll be updating our living room soon, and I hope to hang it in there for easy viewing whenever I want to relive a few memories.

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  1. Lynn

     /  August 28, 2014

    I love this quilt too! I look forward to seeing the redesigned living room when it is all finished up.

    • Thanks, Lynn! The living room is on the to-do list, but my interest in the project is reignited now that the quilt is done. We’ll see if I can light a fire under Greg, too.

  2. It’s l ovely and I would hang it in my living room too. You have a masterpiece there.

  3. lela mckee friel

     /  April 15, 2015

    Hello Christine, I love your string quilt! I went on the web to find string quilts to see how others have quilted their string quilt and I found you here! I purchased the book “string quilt revival” last year and made the same quilt from this book. It has been waiting for me to quilt it for 4 months now. I to am afraid to dive in, but I really want to finish it. Today I played around with some ideas using a marker and some clear plastic sheeting to lay over the stars. I like how you quilted yours. Thank You for giving me the encouragement to plunge in!

    • I’m so glad you’re going to give string quilts a try! They’re so easy and fun—and addictive. Enjoy the process! And thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Dorothy. Littig

     /  March 31, 2018

    Your quilt is gorgeous with the blue. I have just completed this quilt with a black star. I absolutely love it also.

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