Completed String Quilt #2

And here it is! The completed String Quilt #2 wall hanging! I don’t think I’ve ever finished anything of this magnitude in this short of time in my life. So thank you, blog readers, for providing me with the motivation to get this done!

The finished size of the wall hanging is 37.5 inches square (and I did measure both length and width, and they’re actually the same!).

I’m giving a short presentation to the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild this week about quilt labels, so I thought I’d share the label I made for this piece. It’s basically a clothing-type label that I printed on my computer printer, both front and back, and stitched on at the same time as the binding.

It took a couple of times to get the printing oriented correctly (as some of you may recall, I’m not much of a spatial thinker), but I like that it’s a nice, low-key way to label a wall-hanging that won’t be getting much wear and tear.

Once I have my quilt label presentation put together, I’ll share it here, too. It’ll include why I think labeling quilts is important and some different ways to make the quilt labels. You’ll get to see some of my mother’s quilt labels, too!

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  1. This is marvelous. I’m impressed by how quickly you got it done!

  2. I absolutely love this quilt, Christine! And the quilting you did is perfect! Looking forward to your presentation. 🙂

  3. oh, and I’m totally digging the one light green star . . . cool.

    • Thanks, Kelly! I put that one in to be like a heart on a body (you know, in the upper left). My mom didn’t get it at all.

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