Kiss Clasp Purse

clasp purse 2

While I haven’t had much time to blog, I have, thankfully, still found time to sew (I’m not sure I could go too long without that). One project that I finished recently was this winter purse.

It started with the OHCraft sew-in I attended in October. One of the fabulous swag bag items I received was a free pattern from Sew Sweetness. I love all her bags, but something about the Silver Cinema Bag really struck my fancy. I loved the retro look, and I had just edited a book that included a bag with this kind of closure, so I had a bit of confidence that I could pull it off.

So I ordered the pattern. Then I ordered the metal frame closure the pattern called for from a shop on Etsy called WhileBabyNaps. While the metal frames were still in the living room waiting for me to take them upstairs, I received a package from a friend who’d just returned from Italy. Before he left, he’d asked me to make some easy curtains for his bathroom. When he asked if he could get me anything from Italy, I said, “Well, if you see some fabric I would like. . .”

clasp purse side detail

And this is the fabric he bought for me. Can you believe it?! Absolutely gorgeous. I immediately put the fabric by the purse frames and suddenly couldn’t wait to make this bag.

The bag pattern calls for By Annie’s Soft and Stable to help hold the shape of the bag. I hadn’t used it before, but I really like the way it gives structure without being rigid. I can’t wait to try my spring messenger bag pattern again using the Soft and Stable instead of batting.

I made one modification to the pattern, which called for rounded pieces of fabric to hold the metal D-rings.

clasp purse rounded fabric

I, obviously, can’t sew circles, and I knew I’d hate the purse if I used those tabs. So I made rectangular tabs instead, which I think turned out fine.

clasp purse hardware

The trickiest part was definitely gluing the sewn purse into the metal frame. The exterior fabric is pretty loosely woven, so it wasn’t super easy to get into the narrow slot. I was pretty successful at keeping glue off the outside, but the inside got messy. After I took this photo, I tried covering the glue with black ink from a stamp pad, and that kind of worked.

clasp purse glue

The next time I make this purse—and there will be a next time since I purchased three of the metal frames—I’ll be more careful with the glue, of course. I also think I’ll make the straps a bit wider and longer just because I prefer to wear my purses on my shoulder.

I kind of can’t wait to have a whole collection of these purses. Not all the fabric will be as amazing as the fabric on this one, but I’ll see what I can come up with.