Shark Block #2

Sharkblock#2Funny. I hadn’t intended to take the summer off from blogging. A few different family vacations, a little surgery, and two months have flown by.

I’m going to ease back into the swing of things with this shark block that I made for a quilt that the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild and OHCraft group are putting together for one of our members. She could use some quilted love, and she loves pirates, so a pirate quilt it is!

As you may recall, I made this block previously for a CMQG Round Robin and then turned it into a wall hanging for my niece. This time I used a few printed fabrics (although not for the sharkiest parts—the eye and mouth—which I think need to be solid), and I really liked the way it turned out. I kind of think all sharks should have word searches on their bellies.

The block is one I purchased from Craftsy. I was surprised by how easily it went together this time. Don’t get me wrong—I still had to unsew a lot of seams. But somehow the flow was better and not nearly as frustrating.

So far, the quilt also has several ship blocks that use pirate-printed fabric, a paper-pieced crab with an eye patch, and a sea turtle, and the words “yo ho ho.” Hopefully this block and all the others will help our fellow member feel the love.