The Art of the Brick

I love the traveling exhibits that come through the Cincinnati Museum Center. Thanks to them I’ve seen real mummies, ruins from Pompei, memorabilia from Princess Diana (twice), and artifacts from the Titanic. And having gone to the latest exhibit, The Art of the Brick, I’ve seen a ton of really cool Lego art.

All the pieces in the exhibit were created by Nathan Sawaya. The pieces at the beginning were re-creations of artwork done in other mediums. While some were completely flat, others had a bit of dimension to them.



Many of the pieces used typical Lego shapes and colors, but this mask included some specially made tan people around the outer edge.


The exhibit included re-creations of larger, three-dimensional pieces of art, too. I love how he interpreted the necklace on the piece below.



Some of the pieces were really, really big. The Easter Island head was as tall as a person. And it was created with layer after layer of Lego bricks.



The exhibit also included some of the artist’s own sculptural pieces.


I liked how you could see all sides of the bricks in the piece below.




At the very end, the artist pulled an element for another artist’s photography and re-created it in Lego bricks. This was my favorite piece of that group. Who would have thought you could make a Lego towel?