Shark Block for Traveling Quilt

Shark blockTonight at the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild meeting, I’ll be embarking on a great journey with five of my fellow members. It will be a Traveling Quilt journey. Each of us will bring a quilt block of any size or shape to the meeting, and throughout the year the rest of us will take turns adding to that block. Each of us will provide a few guidelines for what we’d to have added (or what we wouldn’t like added), but other than that, the fate of our quilt will be left in the hands of our team members. Pretty exciting, huh?

For some reason, I decided to torture my team members with my block. Because I made a shark block. Andie Johnson brought this paper pieced pattern on Craftsy to my attention several months ago because is reminded her of the shark skirt I had made for my niece. I had kept the pattern bookmarked because I knew I’d want to buy it at some point. And that point came with my Traveling Quilt.

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to try to make my charity quilts for older boys, just because I’ve heard several charities mention that they don’t always have a lot of donations for that demographic. But I find them to be challenging. So why not ask my team members to help?

Making the pattern was actually easier than I thought, but it was time consuming.

Shark pattern detail

The pattern consists of twelve small paper-pieced segments (far right above) that are then pieced together according to the chart (center) to get the finished block. Whew!

Shark block detail

Some of the pieces are tiny! And even though I left the paper on to piece the twelve segments together, there were just way to many pieces for me to get perfect.

I still have some paper to remove from the back, but in the interest of time, I added my borders, and he’ll soon be on his way!

Shark block

I’m not expecting it to be a shark quilt, just a quilt that a boy may like. I’ll ask my team members to use blue, teal, gray and red as the main colors; accent colors will be white and black. But I will include some of my leftover shark fabric, just in case anyone wants to use it.

Good luck on your journey, Paper-Pieced Sharky! I can’t wait to see how you turn out!

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  1. Hello, I have need of this shark paper piecing pattern. I went through Pinterest to find the creator. Apparently their site has been shut down. Is there a way you can help me get this pattern?

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