CMQG Striped Charity Quilt

Striped charity quilt 3Let me start by making an excuse. I truly don’t think the camera is capturing this quilt accurately. I took a ton of photos, but none of them make the quilt look as pretty as it does in real life. Really. So just continue reading this post with a slightly richer, more cohesive quilt in your mind.

The Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guide has started a big charity initiative. Every three or four months, we’ll be choosing a new local charity for which we’ll be making as many quilts as we can. We’ll be donating the quilts to organizations that serve veterans, elderly folks, children, and more. To kick off the initiative, guild members donated fabric, and our president asked around to some of the fabric and batting manufacturers for donations. Before she knew it, Robert Kaufman Fabrics sent a huge box of fabrics for us to use.

Striped charity quilt 2

In addition to bright and colorful prints, like those shown above, they also sent a ton of solids, which is a great help when you’re working with fabrics from a variety of sources. I started going through the box of fabrics at a recent sew-in, and I put together this quilt.

Striped charity quilt 4The concept for the quilt comes from Nancy Zieman’s latest book, Quick Column Quilts. All of the quilts are constructed in columns, which helps them to go together really quickly. This particular quilt is a takeoff of her Quilt to Give, which alternates columns of scraps with columns of solids. For my quilt, I used the bubbly print from Robert Kaufman instead of scraps. All the strips were cut to 3 inches wide.

With just the strips, the quilt top came in at 60 x 64 inches. It looked a bit too square for my taste, so I added 5.5-inch black borders on the top and bottom to lengthen it out a bit.

Striped charity quilt 5

To finish this quilt, we’ll definitely need to get some black batting. The black fabric has a slightly loose weave, and I’d hate for a natural-colored batting to beard and become unsightly. I’ll probably hand it off to another guild member to quilt, but I think an allover design with curves would be nice.

For those keen-eyed readers, I know I messed up the column order. I can’t even remember what order I intended. I discovered it once the whole top was together, and I decided to leave it as is. It took me a while to spot it, so maybe the recipient won’t even notice.

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