Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Christmas trees 4Every year when I unpack the Christmas decorations, I wish I had a new quilted wall hanging to put up. I have a few that I’d make years ago, but neither fit my current style. So this year, since we stayed home for Christmas instead of traveling, I decided to finally make a new one.

I wanted to keep it classic, without getting too fussy. After a bit of online research, I found the Lovely Little Forest Quilt pattern at Purl Soho. The pattern was simple enough, and I certainly had the green fabric I needed. So, I got to making trees!

Christmas trees 1It was so much fun picking out the greens from my stash that I couldn’t stop! I made so many trees that my wall hanging ended up being a bit larger than the one in the pattern.

While I liked the simplicity of the design, I wanted mine to be Christmas-ier. I tried adding some red embroidery, but that looked a bit messy compared to the clean lines of the design. Then I decided to check my ribbon stash, and there I found some large red rickrack.

Christmas trees 2I tried putting it in a few places and ended up liking a single length on a few of the trees. The rickrack was so thick that simply folding under the ends wasn’t going to look very clean. So I decided to unsew the side seams of five of the trees, slip in the rickrack, and sew them back up. Easy! Or not, as it turns out. My seam edges got a bit wonky on those trees (not that they were all that great to begin with), but the overall effect was what I wanted.

Christmas trees 3For the quilting, I echoed the shape of the trees, extending the echos into the white spaces. In retrospect, I should have stitched in the ditch to anchor the fabric first. Instead I started at the bottom and worked my way up, which shifted the fabric a bit as I went. So a few puffy spots but nothing too bad.

Christmas tree finalI thought the piece needed a bit more red, so I dug through my very, very small red stash and found a red print that had a solid red backside. I didn’t have much of it, though, so I used the double-sided binding technique from String Quilt Revival and used the red on only the front.

Christmas tree backThe backing fabric is one that I must have bought a million yards of. I used it as the backing on a large quilt a few years ago, and I still had enough for this piece, and the binding, and the corner hanging tabs, and I still have some left.

Christmas trees 5The finished piece measures 18.5 x 25.5 inches. Now that it’s done, I’ll pack it away with the rest of the Christmas decorations. And when I unpack things again next Christmas, I’ll have a new wall hanging to display!