Quilt Bee Blocks and New Quilt Idea

At the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild, we’ve started a new fun swap called a Bee. Participants are divided into “hives” of 10 to 12 people. Each month, one hive member makes a block request, showing a block she’s made as an example. The next month, all the hive members bring a block for that member to use in her quilt. That same month, a different hive member shows a block, and it keeps going until all the hive members have received blocks for her quilt. Fun!

Janine was the first hive member to request a block for my hive. She asked for a block of any size that is made with only squares and rectangles and uses only solid fabrics. Easy enough.

I was in between projects last weekend, so I decided to work on my bee blocks. As usual, I started paging through my books for ideas. The first block I decided on was one called Homeward Bound from The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book. The blocks in that book finish at 6 inches, which is a bit small for me, so I enlarged the pieces for a 9-inch block.


I picked colors that I thought would go with what Janine showed at guild. But they weren’t really my colors. So I made another block. This one is from the book Pillow Pop. I reduced the size of it by a row or two, and it’s definitely my colors.

Bee 1

As I was working on those blocks, I was thinking about my next quilt. And it’s pretty ridiculous how straightforward my train of thought was. First block pattern + second block colors = new quilt!

Homeward block 1 I was intrigued by how the corner blocks for Homeward Bound would make a secondary square once more blocks were put together. So I made a few more blocks to see if I liked it.

Homeward blocks And I really do like it! My plan is to use teals and greens for the large squares; pinks and oranges for the corner squares; and grays for the rest. I’ve got six blocks done and a bunch more cut out. I love the excitement of starting a new quilt!