Happy House Blocks

Happy house swap 1

As I recently posted, I’m in a Bee Hive swap with the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild, and at the April meeting, I received the happy houses blocks that my hive made for me!

I provided a link to the house pattern I wanted them to make, but beyond that my only instructions were to use a low-volume white for the sky and to make the houses happy. It was super fun to see what each member came up with.

Happy house swap 2

I was glad to see that other people had as much fun as I did picking fabrics for the windows and door. And I like that some of my hive members used colors that I normally wouldn’t have used (namely black and red); it’ll help the finished piece look more like a true collaboration.

What that finished piece will be I’m not yet sure. My pie-in-the-sky idea involves the houses spaced over a whole quilt top with hand-embroidered elements to tie them into a neighborhood setting. But that’s going to take some more thinking.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank (in order starting with the top photo, top left house) Becky, Abby (who was sweet enough to make two blocks), Jeanie, Janine, Amy, Shona, and Tara for the blocks you made!

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