Quilt of Valor Top

QofV complete

Back in March, I posted here that 2016 was to be the year I make a quilt for the Quilts of Valor program that supplies quilts to U.S. service people. Well, the first big step—the quilt top—is complete!

I made 24 of the star blocks using a variety of blue and gray fabrics.QofV navy block

Then I had to figure out how to lay them out. It proved challenging. I didn’t want to make a whole quilt of the stars—that seemed to be too much. So I wanted to find a way to incorporate fabric I had with the stars.

QofV layout4

I first tried using the blue gingham that I had used in some of the stars. It was a bit too much in real life, and it looked odd with the stars that had that fabric as the background. Plus I didn’t have enough for the whole quilt.

QofV layout2

I had bought the navy star fabric especially for this project, so I tried mixing it with the blue gingham. The dark navy weighed it down a bit too much in real life. And again, the gingham touching the star blocks was a problem.

QofV layout3QofV layout1

Next I tried grouping the stars together, a look I liked. But since all my fabric was cut into 10-inch blocks, that meant my star section had to be off center.

QofV layout6

I was doing all this laying out at a once-a-month Ladies Craft Night Out event that includes some women from the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild. They were all offering their input on the layouts, and finally Amy suggested putting the stars in rows. Aha. That did allow for some of the star blocks to be together, but it also gave them some breathing room. And I didn’t have to worry about gingham touching gingham.

QofV complete

So that’s the layout I went with, and I think it works. Although, I still like the idea of having all the blocks grouped.

Anyway, on to the step of making the quilt back! I’ve been playing around with that a bit, and I think I’ll try to incorporate some red into the backing for a pop of color. I have one piece of red fabric that I was considering, but the fabric was bleeding a lot, even after several rinses. Using that seemed pretty risky with a quilt with this much light fabric.

More to come on this one!

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