Orange Peel Swap Block

OrangePeelswapblockThe Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild Bee Hive Block Swap continues! At the March meeting, Abby asked the members of my hive to make an orange peel block. She provided the template shape and asked that the peels be orange and the background be low-volume grays. And, in her words, “the scrappier the better.”

Abby instructed us to first piece together our four background squares. She suggested that we cut them to 5-inches, but I accidentally cut mine to 5 1/2 inches. But that just gives her more wiggle room for squaring up.

Then we were to trace the template onto the orange fabric and onto a piece of lightweight fusible webbing. With right sides together (meaning the pretty side of the fabric and the sticky side of the fusible), we were to sew around the entire shape with a 1/8-inch seam allowance. Then we were to cut a hole in the fusible, turn the shape right side out, and iron it to the pieced background.

I hadn’t done this type of appliqué before, so it was pretty slow going. My biggest problem was that my fusible was so thin, it kept tearing, especially as I was trying to poke out the ends. I also found it tricky to keep the fusible from showing on the sides of the shape (in fact, I wasn’t entirely successful with that).

I ended up having to re-position a few of the shapes, so while Abby left stitching down the shapes as optional, I did because I didn’t want them to fall off. Plus, I already had my orange thread in the machine.

I love this swap because I’m getting to use techniques I haven’t tried before and make blocks I wouldn’t have made on my own. My block isn’t perfect, but hopefully it goes with what Abby had in mind.

April is my month to be Queen Bee of our hive, so next week, I’ll show you the block I’ll be asking the hive members to make for me!

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