Spring Paper Crafts

Chrissy egg2

We had out-of-town visitors this weekend, including two sweet little girls ages six and two. So, of course, I had to plan a craft project. I looked around Pinterest for a while and came upon a craft I remembered fondly from my school days—the old opening egg with a chick inside. Perfect!

I went to Target to supplement my stash of supplies. I picked up a pair of safety scissors, the paper fasteners (they had them in silver and gold!), and some springtime stickers.

Abby, the six-year-old, is a born crafter. She jumped right in. Like any good six-year-old, she included her last name on her egg, so I ham-fistedly covered that up.

Abby egg edit

Marin, the two-year-old, made one, too, with the help of her mom and dad. She kept telling them to add “art,” much of which she then covered with stickers. But you can’t beat the upside-down chick placement.

Marin egg

Abby and I just kept at it once our first eggs were done. Abby made another one that she mounted on a piece of paper. The egg top still moves, though. She knows what she’s doing.

Abby egg2

And she made this pocket and glued it to a background. She used a hole punch to make the frame and then added paper behind some of the dots. Crafty!

Abby pocket

I asked Abby what else would come from an egg, and she immediately answered, “Dinosaur!” So I asked Greg to draw the dinosaur of his choice for my next egg.

Chrissy eggI borrowed Abby’s hole-punch technique on the bottom half of the egg.

I love sharing crafts with other people, and these two girls were great fun to make stuff with!


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