The Quilting Blues

Quilting Sawtooth Star 1

This past weekend, I spent all my sewing time working on the quilting for my Sawtooth Star quilt. As I mentioned last time, I already had about 10 hours in on it before this weekend. And yet Saturday before I started, I once again contemplated tearing out all the quilting.

Why would I tear out all that work? Because . . . everything.

OK, I’ll be more specific.

  • I don’t like my quilting. I just don’t think I’m very good at it. Yes, I could get better by practicing and by reading up on how to do it better. But I prefer to just will myself to get better, and so far that hasn’t worked, much to my frustration. So I look at my uneven stitches and non-rounded ends and cringe.
  • I’m way outside my comfort zone on this one. My preferred type of quilting is minimal straight lines. But since this is a gift (note to self: do not go way outside comfort zone on a gift), I wanted to add more quilting than usual. And I thought some motion would be nice to go on the background. So I’m doing straight quilting in the stars and wavy back-and-forth lines in the background. As you can see, the fabric is kind of pulling in the background. I’m hoping washing it once it’s finished will hide some of that.

Quilting Sawtooth Star 2

  • The back looks even worse. There are brief moments when I think that maybe the front isn’t so bad. And then I turn it over. It’s complete chaos. I used a navy thread in the bobbin, and I was very far into the quilting when I realized how much it was standing out against the light fabric (the fabric registered in my mind as navy, but it’s really quite light). So I switched to a lighter variegated thread in some areas, but of course, it is tough to keep it only on the light fabric. So now there’s light thread on the navy fabric. Oh, and those uneven, wonky stitches really show up in thread that accidentally contrasts with your fabric.

Quilting Sawtooth Star 3

  • And all that busy threadwork on a busy fabric is going against every one of my aesthetic instincts.

Quilting Sawtooth Star 4

So, what to do? I’m open to suggestions. But for now, I’m forging ahead. “Just get it done” is my new motto. I’m getting a little better at the back-and-forth lines, so I don’t hate every one that I make. And I do like the movement in the front background fabric.

But, man, is this a chore. Just a very un-fun project. And I probably have another 8 hours at least before the quilting is done. Then I’ll get to see how wavy the edges are, thanks to my directional wavy lines. Sigh.


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