Paper-Pieced Stars

PP star orange

Lately, most of my sewing time has been devoted to quilting my Sawtooth Stars quilt—I’m making it to give as a gift, so I wanted to put more quilting into it than I usually do. Ten hours in and I’m not quite halfway done with the quilting. Ugh. Big projects like that don’t provide me with the immediate satisfaction that I crave from my sewing, so I decided to give myself a break and make up some paper-pieced stars.

It’s hard to believe that I’m paper piecing for a break, considering how hard it was to wrap my mind around my first paper-pieced projects. But now that I’ve done several, I really do find it to be fun.

I’ve been wanting to make a quilt with stars of all different shapes and sizes placed in a random fashion, so I did a search for star patterns and came upon a treasure trove at Wombat Quilts. There Cath has links to tons of paper-pieced patterns, many of which she designed. I downloaded several to get started.

PP star pink

The orange star at the top of this post is called Stamp Star and is 8 inches finished. The pink one above is the 8-inch Stripey Star. Now that I’ve made this one once, I realize that there’s a cute pinwheel in the center that I’ll want to play up more next time.

PP star green

My initial thought was to have a mix of white and off-white backgrounds for the blocks, so I made up this 6-inch Starry Night block. I’m thinking these colors might be a bit too muted for what I’m going for, so this guy is getting set aside for the time being.

PP stars grouped

My plan is make bright pink, orange, and yellow stars on a primarily white background. You can see I have a yellow one started above. We’ll see how/if it all comes together, but for now, these blocks are a nice diversion from quilting.

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