Gaggle of Geese

Gaggle of geese

I spent this past weekend in the company of flying geese blocks. Kara, one of the members of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild, organized a Make and Maybe Take for the April meeting. Participants are to make flying geese blocks using at least one of two specific fabrics. You can make as many blocks as you like. At the meeting, all the blocks will be pooled together, and one block will be selected. Whoever made that block will win all the blocks. Fun!

Make and Maybe Take 02_15

The two fabrics we were to use are from Valori Wells’ Ashton Road collection by Robert Kaufman. And because Kara is so awesome, she secured a donation of that fabric from Robert Kaufman for us to use. So 15 of us got these little bundles to use in our blocks.

As soon as anyone mentions flying geese, I immediately think of the Circle of Geese paper pieced block that I’ve made a bunch of times (like here, here, and here). So, of course, that was the first block I made with the fabrics. The other blue and green fabric that I added is a vintage piece that I’d never cut into. But it seemed to work perfectly with these fabrics. This block marks the first time I used a print for the background of a paper-pieced block. I usually choose a solid, so I don’t have to worry as much about having the right side showing. But I’ve done this particular block so many times now, I used a print without any trouble!

Circle of geese block

Next I made a block called Birds in the Air. I saw a whole quilt made using different sizes of this block, and I wanted to give it a try. Since I had blues to use for the sky, I decided to go with white for the geese. Click here for the tutorial I followed for this 6.5″ Birds in the Air block.

In the air geese

Next, I made two large individual flying geese blocks and put them together to make an 8.5″ block. For these blocks, I cut squares for the backgrounds, sewed them to the base rectangle, and then cut away the corners. This results in a lot of wasted fabric, but I used my scraps for the paper-pieced blocks I made next. It wasn’t until we were talking about these blocks at guild that I learned a true flying geese block is half as tall as it is wide. So putting two together makes a square block.

Large geese block

Finally, I used up the rest of my fabric with some paper-pieced blocks. For these I paper pieced the individual flying geese blocks using templates from Fresh Lemons. Then I added additional fabric to make square blocks. Both of these ended up being 8″ blocks.

Four geese with stripes

Three geese on white

It’ll be fun to see what everyone else comes up with for their blocks. Kara plans to have two more of these Make and Maybe Takes this year, and I’m really looking forward to them.

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