Traveling Quilt Block #2

Kims traveling block 3

At tonight’s Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild meeting, I’ll be showing the quilt block I made for Kim’s Traveling Quilt. Kim had asked that everyone in the group make a mini quilt (9 inches square) and finish it with white sashing.

I’m a little nervous about what Kim with think of my block. It’s a good bit different from her original block.

Kims original traveling block

Kim’s block is quite a bit darker than mine. While she gave some of her fabrics for us to use, I wanted to add some of mine as well. For the first block I made I pulled from my stash of solids.

Kim traveling block aborted

But it just wasn’t me . . . at all. I was in an improvy mood, so I decided to try some wonky stars instead. And I’m also on a kick where I make a few blocks and then piece them into a solid background (see my Pinwheel Quilt).

Kim traveling block and mine

So, I hope she likes it. Everyone cross your fingers, OK?

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