Boy’s Column Quilt Complete

Boy Column Quilt topAs I mentioned in my previous post on bearding, my Boy’s Column Quilt is complete! Except for the bearding part, I’m super happy with it.

I wrote a bit about the quilt top in a previous post. For the backing of the quilt, I had ordered a gray print from an online store that sells their fabric in half-yard increments. I knew this, but I still ordered only half of what I needed for the back.

Boy Column Quilt back

But that gave me the opportunity to do some creative piecing with two of the blues from the front of the quilt. It still wasn’t quite long enough, so I added a section of Joel Dewberry Botanique fabric that I picked up at Sewn Studio.

My niece Emma happened to be with me as I was trying to figure out how to piece the backing. Once I had it almost done, I explained to her why I decided to cut the gray/blue section and insert the new fabric there, rather than just tack it onto the top or the bottom. Emma listened patiently to my explanation of my design decisions, and then said, “Yeah, but I really don’t think a teenage boy is going to care.” True enough, wise Emma, true enough.

Boy Column Quilt back detail

I quilted it on my home machine using my new Sew Steady table. Even though I just quilted straight lines, the Sew Steady did help a lot in keeping the quilt easy to maneuver.

As far as the bearding goes, I did wash the quilt, dried it, and then picked off all the little pieces of batting that came up through the fabric. Next, I soaked some Snuggle drier sheets in a spray bottle of water and sprayed both the front and back of the quilt and let it dry. Even that process was enough for a few more bits of batting to poke through.

I shared the quilt and the bearding saga with the ladies at the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild, and the general consensus is that something was up with the batting. But they encouraged me to donate the quilt anyway. Someone actually said, “A teenage boy isn’t going to care.” And I do think the bearding will calm down now that the environment is less dry.

So I’ve made my label and will sew it on and get this quilt off to Project Linus and its new owner!

Boy Column Quilt label

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  1. It’s terrific, front and back! Yes, the batting was having a problem. Did it beard to the top? There is a “right” way and a wrong way up for the batting. I think I must be lucky most of the time, because I rarely have problems. Something to look into, though.

    Yes, some young man is going to LOVE it. Thanks for your generosity.

    • Thank you, Melanie! The bearding was happening on the top and back, but it was worse on the top. Now that you mention it, I knew that there was right and wrong side to batting, but I didn’t pay any attention to it when I put this quilt together. That’s something I’ll definitely keep in mind for my next one, though—thank you!

      • One more idea — it’s possible your needle had a burr, poking and pulling fibers through with it. I heard the other day that almost 20% of NEW needles are flawed. Don’t know if that’s true, but it could explain a problem even if you’d just changed it.

      • Wow! 20% is a lot! It seemed like it started to happen even before I did much quilting, so I wonder if my pins were the problem. So many factors to consider…

  2. Both the front and back are amazing. Perfect for a boy.


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