Gifts Received

Crocheted cowl neck scarf

In this last post to wrap up the Christmas season, I wanted to share some of the crafty gifts that were received by me and my family members over the holiday. First, although this wasn’t part of my official Christmas present from my sister Brenda, she did make this cowl scarf for me. Before Christmas, Brenda was trying to learn to crochet on her own by watching YouTube videos. At Christmas, she watched me crochet the first row (always the trickiest) and practiced making a coaster. By the beginning of January, she was whipping up scarves like this! Amazing! And even more amazing, this matches every piece of clothing I own.

Sew Steady

Greg gave me a Sew Steady extension for my sewing machine. The Sew Steady extends the surface of the machine throat and makes machine quilting much easier. Or that’s the plan anyway—I’m trying it out for the first time this weekend and can’t wait.

Fabric and Wonder Clips

Mom gave me a goodie box of sewing stuff for Christmas. You know how some people just can’t take apart a jelly roll because it’s so pretty? Not me. I couldn’t wait to dig into this thing. I’ve pulled out all the greens and blues for the quilt I’m working on now, and I know I’ll find a good home for all the rest of the colors, too. The Wonder Clips are a notion I’ve been meaning to try a while; they should be great for holding together the layers of my next sewn handbag and for holding down the folded binding on a quilt.

Emma Quilt Book

And Christmas is the perfect time to share crafty gifts with the next generation, too. Mom got Emma a quilt book and a walking foot. (Emma’s brother Jacob, in the background, is holding up a watch and iPhone speaker. He’s also wearing the footie jammy suit Greg and I gave him.)

Stella and Emma

It does an aunt’s heart good to see these two cousins crafting together. Stella made Emma a bracelet from the beading kit she received, and Emma is busy coloring with the markers and coloring book she received. I love knowing the craft genes will carry on with these two girls.

I hope your Christmas was a crafty one, too!

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