Christmas Quilt Pile

Quilt pile 1We’ve got temperatures well below zero here in Cincinnati today, so I thought it would be a good time to share some cozy photos from our Christmas in Wisconsin. It was pretty darn cold there at the time, and as I was sitting in Mom and Dad’s living room, I decided to count the number of quilts I could see. There were nine. Within eye-sight of that one room.

What would it be like, I wondered, to have all the quilts we could find in the house on top of a person? “Cover me up!,” said Greg as he hit the living room floor. Adam and Emma quickly joined in.

Quilt pile 2

The rules of the game were that I could pull only the quilts that were sitting out, not ones on the wall (which eliminated one from the living room) and not in storage in a closet or the pie safe. And the quilts all had to be made by Mom.

Quilt pile cross section

We ended up with 18 quilts piled on top of Greg and Emma (Adam bugged out after 15 when I announced that anyone under the quilts needed to help fold them when we were done). Greg declared it to be “eight pounds of coziness.”

We learned that Mom favors a cotton batting, although a few quilts had thicker polyester batting; the heaviest quilt is made of denim. We also learned that once you have 18 quilts piled on top of you, you can barely feel someone walking on you (regardless if the person doing the walking is 10 or 44).

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  1. Ha! That would have been fun to watch, especially the walking on the quilts experiment. This is the fun we miss when surrounded by TV and the internet all the time! Great story the little ones will be telling to their kids someday. Or what will probably happen is a pile of 30 or more quilts on top of them. A new family tradition started by Christine!

    • Thanks, Gina. It would be so much fun to pull every handmade quilt from Mom’s house for the second annual Christmas quilt pile. But, oh, the folding afterward…


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