More Fabric Baskets

fabric baskets 2

Hello! It’s been a while! My creative juices seemed to have dried up after I had surgery at the beginning of October, and they just recently started flowing again. The challenge that got me back on my feet sewing-wise came from my sister Jenny. She asked if I would make some fabric baskets for her bathroom. She had seen the one I made for a challenge at a recent Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild meeting and thought they might work for her.

The first one I made for Jenny to get my feet wet was the large basket from the same Whipstitch tutorial I used for my previous basket. It’s about 12 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 7 inches tall.

bicycle fabric basic

It felt great to sew that basket. Once Jenny said she liked it, I started thinking of ways I could change it up for the other three. I started out easy and just added interior fabric to the handles of the next basket. This one, too, measures about 12 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 7 inches tall. Jenny’s painting the bathroom a couple shades of gray, so I thought this interior fabric might be good if she needs to store more manly items.

plaid fabric basket

Jenny asked that the remaining two baskets be a bit smaller, and she said I could skip the handles. For basket three I decided to add a sweet little pocket of fussy-cut fabric from the Heather Ross Briar Rose fabric line. It’s the same fabric I used in the interior of this basket, which measures approximately 9 inches long, 9 wide, and 7 inches tall. I imagine hair ribbons for my niece Stella going in this one.

pocket fabric basket

For the fourth and final basket, I pulled out all the stops. Well, not really. But it was pretty tricky to add a cuff to the top of the basket.

Cuffed fabric basic

For this one, I cut the interior fabric about 3 inches taller than I did for the other baskets, then I just turned that excess down to form a cuff and topstitched it both at the top of the cuff and at the bottom.

fabric baskets

And with that, four finished fabric baskets!

Looking at this photos, I can tell I’m not totally on top of my sewing game yet. But I’m trying to not let wavy top edges and puckered interiors get me too down. Because it felt so good to just crank these out, making little changes to make each one special. It’s good to be back!

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  1. I love that cuff up at the top! Might have to do some experimenting with that idea–maybe come up with some measurements! 🙂

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