Quilt Show and Mug Rugs

This past weekend, I went with Heather Jones to spend the day manning the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild booth at a quilt show in Louisville. The show asked the guild to contribute some quilts as well as, so between the booth and show, we were very well represented. (Here’s a link to the CMQG blog post about the event with lots of photos of our quilts.)

I contributed my good ol’ String Quilt #2 that I had made last year. And as luck would have it, I was able to show it off to one of the two ladies who inspired the quilt! Virginia Baker, co-author of String Quilt Revival, the book from which I got the pattern for the quilt, just happened to have a booth at the show, too.

Virginia Baker in Louisville

Me and Virginia Baker, co-author of String Quilt Revival.

She spotted me walking the show, and I was so glad she did! It’s always great to catch up with my former authors and see what they’re working on now. In the case of Ginger and her co-author and sister Bobbie, it’s seven new patterns. I love this new one titled Wedged. I just can’t seem to get enough of string quilts.


While at the booth, I had some time to do a little handwork, so I finished up the binding on two mug rugs I have been working on.

The first one is for my sister Carrie, a librarian, to donate to a library association fundraiser. I found a few fabrics I liked that evoked “library” or at least “words,” and the pattern is one from the book Modern Blocks by Susanne Woods. It measures 11.5″ square.

Comma star mug rug

The second one is an improv block I made after fussy-cutting some teapot fabric. This one measures 8.5″ x 10″. It’ll either be the second mug rug Carrie donates to the fundraiser, or it will be the one I bring to the September CMQG mug rug swap.

teapot mug rug

I’ve got one more mug rug to go by next week, then I’ll need to figure out my next project!

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  1. Love your mug rugs! And that’s really cool that you saw the inspiration behind your quilt at the show. I REALLY love that quilt 🙂

  1. Wonky Stars | Christine Doyle

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