Yellow Plus Pink Quilt

Yellow plus pink 1

Woohoo! I’m done with my Yellow Plus Pink quilt! Man, do I love this one. I started it back in November 2011. In January of this year, I wrote a blog post about it titled “When 1/8-Inch Really Matters” after I ended up taking most of the quilt top apart because my seam allowances weren’t accurate enough to make this pattern work properly.

But I loved it so much then, already, that I went ahead and re-did it. After that, it sat for a while until I got up to The Fabric Shack to find a backing fabric.

Yellow plus pink back

I couldn’t believe it when I found this yellow, gold and pink fox fabric (Timber & Leaf by Sarah Watts). How perfect!

Yellow plus pink 2

I really wanted the plus signs to stand out, so for the quilting, I outlined all of them first. Then, inspired by the education program on free-motion quilting put on by Holly at the August Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild meeting, I tried some figure 8s inside each plus sign. I actually kept my walking foot on as I did these (I was too chicken to try without), and most of them are pretty wonky in one way or another. Oh, well.

The binding turned out a bit wavy, unfortunately (you can see it best in the first photo). I have read and have been told that it’s really best to pin the binding on before you sew it with the machine. That information is in my brain. Do I take the time to pin, however, when I’m so close to finishing a quilt? Not yet. But this might be the quilt that makes me decide to pin.

Regardless of its many flaws, I still really love this one. Collecting the fabrics was fun. Finding the perfect backing was fun. Even quilting it was pretty fun. Yep—it’s a keeper.

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  1. Julie Wallace

     /  August 28, 2013

    Great job Christine. It is stunning.

  2. This is so beautiful, wonderful colors! So worth the re-do.
    Sewing on the binding with a walking foot should solve your pinning dilema.

    • Thanks so much, Connie! I have been using the walking foot for my bindings, since it’s usually still on my machine at that point. Hmm, I may have to look into this further, though.


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