The Quilt I Might Take Apart

Flying birdsLast week, when I wrote about my home sew-in with Emma, I mentioned that we both got a lot done. Well, this is what I was working on that day. On our trip to Memphis earlier this year, I purchased several of these fabric at Sew Memphis because I loved the way they all looked together. I particularly liked the flying bird fabric (1000 Cranes from the Tsuru collection by Rashida Coleman Hale) and the red flower fabric (Dahlia Leaf from the Charleston Farmhouse collection by Felicity Miller), so I decided to try to keep those two as whole as possible.

Flying birds detail

I really love the way the flying birds fabric looks in these 8 x 15-inch sections. It seems like the cranes are just making their way across the quilt.

Flying birds 2

I also like the pieced blocks I made with smaller amounts of other fabrics. I think they turned out cute enough.

The part I don’t like? The red flower fabric. I like the fabric, but the pattern of it is too regular, or something, to have it placed across the entire quilt. I think it’s the small repeat that is bothering me.

So I’m going to take it apart. I’ll try keeping the cranes and patchwork squares as is, and I may try cutting up the flowers to use them in some other way.

I’m not a huge fan of unsewing something this far along. But I’m not loving the quilt. And it’s so much more fun to work on something you love.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know! I’m all ears!

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  1. Before you take it apart, take a good look and see if you can improve things by cutting the quilt and putting it back together a different way. That’s my motto: if it doesn’t look right, cut.

  2. I actually love it the way it is! It’s nice that the flowers are a smaller scale than the cranes but still cut to the same size. If it was a larger scale the two prints would compete too much, but I think this creates a really nice effect. But if you don’t love it, that’s what really matters 🙂 Really pretty fabric combos, either way!

  1. Flying Birds Quilt, Takes 2 and 3 | Christine Doyle

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