Flashback: Aah Quilt

Pillow ticking fabricsNot too long ago, Greg and I were on a Toy Story kick, watching all three movies over the course of a week or so. I love the movies, but I did have a feeling of anxiety as we approached Toy Story 3. To me, Toy Story 1 is all fun and games; Toy Story 2 is fun, but I always tear up at the Jessie/Emily sequence. And Toy Story 3? It’s a sob fest. Every single time.

So as we sat down to watch Toy Story 3, Greg decided to prime my tear pump by bringing out Little Tiny Teddy. Little Tiny Teddy was Greg’s very favorite toy friend growing up. (When we were dating, Greg actually wooed me with a story about LTT getting lost in a snowy footprint when Greg was 6.) I had steeled myself enough that I didn’t start crying then and, instead, brought out my own collection of childhood friends to watch the movie.

Ready to watch TS3

From left to right: Aah, Baby, Beatrice, Tammy, me, and Little Tiny Teddy (plus tissues at the ready).

We watched the movie, and I sobbed as usual (three viewings, three sob fests). But after the movie, I started thinking about my old toys and especially my very special friend Aah. Aah was my security pillow. He had a pillow ticking cover that always seemed to feel cool, and I would say “aaah” each time I laid my head on him.

Me and my friends

On our way to watch Saturday morning cartoons. From the top down: Snoopy, Baby, doll I can’t quite remember, Tammy, Raggedy Ann, and Aah.

As you can see in the before and after photos, Aah got a lot of love. He was pretty important to me. So several years ago, I decided to make a quilt tribute to Aah. I collected pink and green fabrics that reminding me of pillow ticking, and but them together in a simple basket weave pattern.

Aah quilt

Aah label

Aah and Aah

Aah the quilt and Aah the pillow.

Poor Aah the pillow. His current appearance is not for the squeamish. But he was a good friend. And now, when Aah the pillow is packed away, I still have Aah the quilt to remind me of him.

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  1. Now you made your mother tear up.


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