My Sister the Thrifter

Waverly fabric 1 One bright spot during my bad crafting day last week was a package from my sister, Jenny Goldsmith. In it was an old Waverly fabric sample pack, like you see at decorating stores. What fun!

Each fabric in the pack has a label on it. The price in the day? $2.45 per yard.

Waverly fabric label

The colorways are great, too. There are 10 colorways all together, but here are a few of my favorites. And I was happy to see the brown colorway had the most pieces snipped off.

Waverly fabric 5Waverly fabric 2Waverly fabric 3Waverly fabric 4

The excitement of that package got me thinking about some of the other treasures I’ve received from Jenny. As I’ve mentioned before, she’s a gifted thrifter. The kind of person who can go into the worst-looking thrift store or yard sale and come away with amazing finds. Honestly, I don’t know how she does it.

One of my favorite gifts from her is this fall tablecloth. I love the bright teal in the center, and it fits my small square table perfectly. It was meant to be!

leaf tablecloth

For a while, there was a distinct rooster theme to the items I got from Jenny. This plate was one of my favorites—I like that the pattern around the edge looks almost like charcoal pencil, but the image in the center is so crisp and graphic.

rooster plate

Another theme in recent years? Don Ho drinking glasses. Apparently a lot of people in Central Wisconsin, where Jenny does most of her hunting, visited the Polynesian Palace. We have 5 glasses in our set so far. And they were part of the inspiration for the song Greg and I chose to dance to at your wedding: Sweet Someone by Don Ho. (The other inspiration for that was the Brady Bunch, of course.)

don ho glassdo ho glasses

I don’t even know how long this dresser tray has been on my dresser. The colors are amazing.

peacock dressert tray

A few years ago, Jenny came into a treasure trove of aprons. Handmade aprons. Amazing. This one is made from a border fabric. It’s a little hard to see here, but the orange part is actually orange with white polka dots.

border print apron

I love the treatment at the bottom of this one.

floral apron

And this one I’d wear as a dress if I could (the back is a bit revealing). The green fabric, the yards of rickrack trim—I love it!

rickrack apronrickrack apron front detailrickrack apron detail

Speaking of dresses, Jenny has found several of those for me, too. Some are for my gown collection (I may need to save that for another post), but this one I love to wear in the summer. It’s linen and fits perfectly. Did I mention I don’t know how she does it?

orange linen dress

Jenny does sell some of her finds, too. She has an Etsy shop called The Fancy Tail, where she always has some fun clothes (the stuff for kids is adorable) and household items, too. I am currently loving these buttons. And this corduroy Space Commander jacket. And now I really, really want a plaid skirt.

I’m still thinking about what I’ll do with the Waverly fabric. I think I’ll probably use it in project when the right one comes along. For now, though, it’s a fun gift to just look at. Thanks, Jenny!

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