Completed I-Spy Rainbow Quilt

Finished ISpy RainbowThe I-Spy Rainbow Quilt is finished! This quilt was so much fun to work on. Even switching out the threads to quilt each section was fun—the threads were all so darn pretty!

ISpy quilting

The quilting is just straight lines in the colored areas with minimal quilting on the I-Spy fabrics (as I didn’t want them to get too cluttered). I wished I liked the quilting part more, so I could make gorgeous, heavily quilted quilts. But as is, it holds the layers together and that’s what it needs to do. (Sorry for the weird light in this shot.)

ISpy Rainbow back

I’m pretty happy with the way the back turned out, too, considering it was an experiment in improv piecing.

For the binding, I just used four of the solid fabrics, one on each side. My dream was to make the binding match the solid fabric changes on the sides of the quilt, but that dream faded away pretty quickly—so. much. measuring. So I chose two colors for the sides, and then matched the fabrics on the top and bottom.

And, of course, a quilt isn’t really done until it has a label. The label fabric is one of the leftover I-Spy Spoonflower blocks.

ISpy labelNext up, this baby goes into the wash (to help wash away my label grid marks), and then off to the Ronald McDonald House, hopefully to go to some rainbow-loving child.

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  1. Julie Wallace

     /  April 24, 2013

    Great job Christine. It is very colorful.

    • Thanks, Julie! I can see myself incorporating a lot of these colors into my usual palette. Well, the ones that aren’t already there.

  2. How wonderful, Christine. A beautiful quilt made for a beautiful cause. Good stuff, lady.XO


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