Rainbow Quilt Back

This weekend I tackled the backing for my I-Spy Rainbow Quilt. As I mentioned last time, I had a few scraps of solids left from the top that I wanted to incorporate into the back.

Strips for back

My first plan was pretty simple. Just divide the backing fabric into squares and use the strips as sashing. Or at least I thought it would be simple.

rainbow back before Not only did my sashing strips not match up (grrr), but I did the math wrong and the backing wasn’t wide enough or long enough for the front. Sigh.

After going outside and killing some weeds, I decided the best thing to do was to enter the land of improv. It’s a popular place these days. It’s a land where you cut and piece with abandon. Where the only plan is that there’s no plan. Where there are no regrets and no seam rippers. (OK, I smuggled in a seam ripper.)

So I started cutting the pieces I hadn’t sewn together yet and taking apart and cutting the pieces I had sewn together. And then I started sewing. And cutting. And ripping out. Improv land is not a place I go willingly very often, so it took me a bit to really get into it.

But finally, I ended up with a backing that was large enough.

rainbow back

Some of the rainbowness of the front is lost on the back, since I was just using whatever I had left over. But it’s certainly more interesting and more fun than a simple grid. And I think it goes pretty well with the front.

rainbow front and back

Next up is the quilting. The International Quilt Festival is here in Cincinnati this week (yay! we’re so lucky to have this show right here in town), so that’s where I plan to pick up all the threads I need to match the solids. I may pick up some other things, too…. And the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild will have an exhibit again this year, so it will be great to see all the member quilts hanging in the show.

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  1. It’s gorgeous!!! I think you should enter the land of improv more often. 🙂

  1. Completed I-Spy Rainbow Quilt | Christine Doyle

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