I-Spy Rainbow Quilt Top

Block detailA few months ago already, I won a pack of 5-inch quilt blocks, perfect for an I-Spy quilt. So this past weekend, I dug into them to see what I could make.

A typical I-Spy quilt is packed with blocks of all different novelty fabrics, lined up edge to edge. I couldn’t wrap my head around that kind of chaos, so I decided to showcase each fabric a bit my adding a border around it. I went to my stash and pulled out a few solids and near-solids to see what worked.

I knew that I wanted to donate this quilt to the local Ronald McDonald House, and their size requirement is 40 x 40 inches. After a bit of math, I decided to add 1.5-inch borders to my 5-inch blocks and place them 6 across and 6 down.

Original blue

I played with the layout a bit, trying the colors in order, randomly placed, etc. And I just wasn’t feeling it. I finally decided that the blue solid was bringing down the party.

All but the yellow fabric are shot cottons, over-dyed fabric with super saturated color. And the blue regular solid just felt so dull. So back to my stash to see if anything else would work.

Replacement blue

There I found a blue that was a lot brighter and more fun. It, too, is a shot cotton, and while it’s darker than I was initially going for, I think it works a lot better.

Again I played with the layout, and then I remembered this blog post by Kelly Biscopink, Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild member and former colleague. In it, she discusses her childhood love of rainbows. At 5, she remembers sobbing for fear that she’d never seen one in real life. Hmmm. Let’s try rainbow order.

I Spy Rainbow top

Of course, this rainbow doesn’t have a red, and it’s heavy on the violets, but will a little kid in love with rainbows really care? I hope not.

I had many scraps of the solids, so I sewed them into strips that I’ll somehow incorporate into the back.

Strips for back

I haven’t decided on the quilting yet. But I’m thinking I will quilt each row with a matching thread. Sounds like good opportunity to expand my thread stash!

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  1. Ummm, love. Rainbows and adorable novelties? Double love. Thanks for the shout-out, too, Christine! Some kiddo is going to feel very lucky to get this quilt! (Also, that Camel print is maybe the best thing ever.)

    • The image of a little Kelly B. sobbing about rainbows isn’t one that will be leaving my mind anytime soon. Because, does it get more adorable than that? Glad you like the quilt!

  2. It’s so great! I’m sure it will brighten the day of the lucky recipient. What a great project!

  3. Love, love, love. What a lovely little gem to give to a little one in need. And I can’t get enough rainbow color order right now. It consumes me.

  4. This is so adorable Christine! I love how much you thought about the colors and layout. Totally paid off.

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