Baby Bibs for Charity

BibCraft Hope, the group for which I made the aprons for Haiti last year, has a new project up! Titled Hope for China, this project is asking crafters of all sorts to make baby bibs for orphaned children in China. One of the members of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild has adopted two daughters from China, and she is encouraging everyone in the guild to participate. So last weekend, I started sewing baby bibs!

For projects like this, I have found it very useful to have at least one book of baby projects in my library. Again I pulled out my copy of Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones, this time to find a bib pattern. The book contains one bib pattern with two variations; I chose the variation that allowed me to use some animal fabric from my stash that I had gotten for my next children’s charity project (whatever that was going to be).

This particular pattern has a bound edge, which requires attaching binding on both concave and convex curves. This would be my challenge.

I decided to make two bibs. After I had the pieces for both bibs cut out and layered, it came time to attach the binding. I cut the binding on the bias, as directed, and then I pinned like crazy.

Bib with pins

On the first bib, I didn’t trust the give of the bias-cut binding enough, so I left it way too loose, which resulted in lots of puckers around the neck.

Bib 1 neck

On the second bib, I stretched the binding a bit more as I pinned, and the result was fewer puckers (although I still have some work to do to eliminate the puckers all together).

Bib 2 neck

While the fronts of each bib are the same, I switched it up a bit on the back. The white and gray fabric is actually a flannel, making that one a bit more cozy.

Bib backs

Now I just need to add the Velcro closure to each to finish them off.

If you’re interested in participating in the Craft Hope project, there’s still time. The bibs are due on April 1, in time for an adopting mother to bring them to China with her. The bibs may be constructed in any way you like; they’re collecting knit, crocheted, sewn and even no-sew aprons. Check out the Craft Hope Facebook page for the details and links to tutorials.

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  1. These are so so cute! I can’t wait to see all of our bibs together.

  2. Ummm, adorable. Loving that animal print!


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