Child’s Birthday Craft

All hatsThis past weekend, Greg and I had the pleasure of hosting a birthday party for a 3-year-old! Mistress Abigail, our sweet goddaughter, and her parents, Chris and Annie, made the trek down from central Ohio just in time for Abby’s birthday.

The party wasn’t large—just the five of us and some cupcakes. But I did want to make it a little more of a party than that. And when there’s no room for Duck-Duck-Goose, the next best thing is a craft project!

The party hats we had bought were very plain, so I thought decorating them would be a nice little project.

Craft supplies

I pulled out some of my scrapbooking supplies, trying to base my choices around what a 3-year-old girl would like. Sparkly pink letter stickers? Matte pink letter stickers? Pink ribbon? Check, check, check. Plus a few things for grown-ups, too.

Abby is a crafter in the making, to be sure. She was watching what everyone was doing and coming up with her own designs.

Abby watching Greg

Her first hat was a lovely pink number with a spot of orange.

Pink hat

But she branched out for hat number 2, with a little yellow to spice things up.

Abby yellow hat

All of us got in on the fun, too. Greg, doubling the fun with two hats.

Greg hats

Chris working hard with those letter stickers.

Chris working

Here’s Chris’s hat (dad rulz) on the left (I like the fez look to it), and Annie’s on the right (Abby is 3).

Chris and Annie hats

And my hat, on which I really wanted to use pink glitter stickers, but I couldn’t decide what to write. “Rock on!”

My hat

I was happy to see how much the birthday girl got into it. And how much all the adults did, too.

Abby and Annie

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  1. Great party hats, Christine. That photo of Greg made me think of Madonna’s famous cone bras! What a great godmother you are.

  1. Birthday Fun | Christine Doyle

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