The Last of the Christmas Gifts

Growing up, I remember receiving gifts of gifts to come. The gift was fabric and a pattern. The gift to come was the skirt my mom would make for me. I pulled pretty close to that same thing on my niece Emma this Christmas.

Way back in November, I asked Emma if she would like me to make her a skirt for her Christmas gift. Being the sweet, crafty girl she is, she was all for it. So she and I went to the store, and she picked out a pattern and the fabric. Although Emma is 11 and quite petite, she really liked the adult patterns best.

Emma pattern

As with nearly everything I sew, this ended up being a learning experience. Did I learn that there was no way the skirt was going to take just the 1 hour advertised on the pattern? No, I knew that as soon as I bought it. What I learned was clothes really do need to be adjusted for petite people.

The version of this skirt that Emma received on Christmas Eve was the adult version in a size that was close to her size.  I had planned on taking it back when I gave it to her, but I needed to see just how off it was. The waistband and bow were huge compared to her tiny frame. I ended up nearly halving the width of the bow and waistband. Yeah, she’s pretty petite.

Emma skirt detail

She tried it on once more after Christmas to make sure the proportions were closer before I finished the sewing. Then, finally, last weekend, Emma got her finished skirt! She wanted to keep it long, and she’s got a bit of room to grow in the waist as well.

Emma skirt 2

Emma picked out the fabric herself. As we were getting it cut, I told her Grandma Rose was going to be pretty proud because Emma had picked out fabric covered with Grandma’s all-time favorite design motif: paisleys!

Finally, the last of my Christmas gifts was one I didn’t get a chance to photograph before I gave it. I made this paper-pieced mug rug as a hostess gift for my sister Brenda, Emma’s mom. I used the Quatrastar pattern from Sew Happy Geek, and it came together really quickly.

Brenda mug rug

So, that’s the end of my Christmas sewing! Next, onto new projects for 2013!

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