A Few More Christmas Gifts

In the week before Christmas I found myself in the perfect sewing zone. I was feeling creative with time on my hands, but I felt none of the pressure that often comes with sewing gifts. So I took full advantage of that zone and whipped out a few more small items.

Our niece Haley had asked for a jewelry box for Christmas, but I felt a little weird giving her an empty box. So I made a buttoned cuff bracelet using some of her favorite fabric.

Cuff bracelet 2

Cuff bracelet

The bracelet is just a regular quilt sandwich cut into a rectangle the size of a very skinny girl’s wrist. I quilted it with straight lines, including an H for Haley (upside down in the photo above), and added the button and rickrack loop for closing it.

Nephew Jacob was all about the gift cards this year, but I couldn’t gift him just a gift card. So I used some of my leftover shark fabric and made a quick gift card holder.

Shark giftcard holder

I added interfacing between the two layers of fabric and sewed on a snap for closing it.

For Mom, I made up the infinity scarf kit that I had gotten at Sewn Studio last Christmas.

Mom Infinite Scarf

The pre-cut pieces seemed like they would make a scarf too large for my petite mother, so I trimmed both the width and length of the fabrics. The fabrics (a luscious voile and velveteen) and instructions were from Anna Maria Horner. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the way she finished off the scarf, though, so I followed an infinity scarf tutorial from Skip to My Lou for that part.

The handmade gift recipients all seemed very appreciative. Here’s the Stella girl in her shark skirt.

Stella Skirt

(In both this photo and the one above, you can see Mom’s stripe quilt that’s hanging on the wall in her living room. Two of my sisters are already duking it out for that one. I don’t know whose foot that is over Stella’s shoulder.)

And finally, here’s that same little girl working on her lacing cards.

Stella Sewing

The next generation of family sewers in the making!

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  1. Gina Rath

     /  January 2, 2013

    I love your quick and delightful gifts. Stella has the perfect top for her shark skirt, mermaids and sharks surely must be great friends under the sea. Stella looks very determined to make sure that your family sewing tradition continues.
    ps. I thought the feet were your sisters’ feet while duking it out.


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