Girl’s Shark Skirt

shark skirt 1When last I asked my four-year-old niece, Stella, her favorite colors were pink and blue. Her favorite food was fruit cocktail. And her favorite animal? Sharks. Or as she said it, shawks.

As an aunt, I feel it my duty to only encourage things like the love of sharks and fruit cocktail. Not that she needs much encouragement in the area of sharks. She has shark books that she asks her mom to read to her each night. The shark books need to leave the room in order for her to sleep, of course, but she is only four. And she watched all the Shark Week shows her mom recorded for her. Even the shark autopsy show that her mom would have preferred to fast-forward through.

So when I happened upon this Alexander Henry shark fabric at The City Quilter in New York, I couldn’t help but think of my sweet Stella.

shark skirt detail 2

I have to admit, the fabric is a bit graphic. I’m not sure she’ll be able to wear it to school. And the rendering is also not entirely accurate, according to my in-home shark expert. So the skirt should not be considered a learning tool.

shark skirt 2

But as a fun, full play skirt, I think it works just fine. I followed the Twirly Skirt tutorial from the House on Hill Road blog. The tutorial was very easy to follow. And I really liked that the pattern called for an opening in the side in which to slide the elastic (and the tie).

shark skirt detail

Since I don’t know Stella’s exact waist size, I guessed based on this handy chart for children’s clothes sizes I found from Butterick. But if it turns out I guessed wrong come Christmas time, it’ll be super easy to get at the elastic to make it smaller or to insert a new piece if it needs to be bigger.

I was going to pair the shark fabric with some Liberty of London fabric I picked up at the same time, but I decided it was a little too light. I found this Riley Blake fabric in my stash, and I think it works well. And it kind of looks like clams, which Stella told me is a major component of a shark’s diet. (All of you shark experts are shaking your heads, I know.)

I did want to get one more thing for the girlie, so last night I picked up some fairy lacing cards for her, too. So fairy lacing cards and a shark skirt—merry Christmas, sweet Stella!

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