New York, New York: Fabric Shopping

My husband and I had a great time in New York the week of Thanksgiving. Such a great time, in fact, that I’m going to break the trip into two blog posts. This first one will be dedicated to my day fabric shopping in the big city. The next part will be about some of the visual inspiration we came upon in our travels.

Our first stop on shopping day was to The City Quilter. The store wasn’t even on my initial list of places to go because I thought it was too far from our hotel. But after talking to my mom before we left, I knew I had to see it. We walked the 20 short blocks from the hotel, since the weather was so nice, and it really wasn’t a bad trek. At least on the way there.

The shop was much larger than I would have guessed for Manhattan. And it was filled with wonderfulness (see photo above). I loved the little cubbies they had for the fat quarters between the shelves of bolts.

At the store I saw the Liberty of London fabrics for the first time in real life. Lovely, although I ended up buying one only after I had the idea of pairing it with some graphic shark fabric for a skirt for my sweet niece, Stella, the shark-lover. Here’s the selection of fabric I ended up buying.

I also liked that the store had a nice selection of New York-centric fabrics. I am a nerd, and I like to pick up fabrics unique to the areas to which I travel. And they carried the Cat Studio tea towels that I collect, too. My goal is to someday make a quilt of towels from all the places I’ve visited.

The employees at the shop were all very helpful and friendly. It was really a fun place to shop (although they could probably use another  husband/boyfriend chair).

The next stop for the day was Mood, the fabric store featured on Project Runway. I have never actually seen the show, but my sister and her nine-year-old son are fans, so we decided to go. Of all the places in New York that we went, this was the most New York. It had a crazy elevator with an attendant, the employees were fashiony and brusque (although some were very friendly), and it was bustling.

I have to admit, I was pretty intimidated and overwhelmed. My plan was to go there to find a wool with which to make a winter purse. And I did end up with a nice piece. But I think I selected it a bit too hastily. It doesn’t match any of my winter coats. Not that that should really matter, but it kind of does. Anyway.

The selection of trims was amazing, too. I loved looking at all the varieties, but I don’t use a lot in my sewing, so I ended up not getting any. This shop did have a table for husbands/boyfriends with a copy of the New York Post, so Greg was very entertained as I wandered.

Our final stop was the Tinsel Trading Company, a trim store that has a beautiful book titled French General: Treasured Notions. I didn’t take any photos at the store, but it was beautiful, glittery, vintage.

As we walked back to our hotel through the Garment District, we peered in the windows of many, many more fabric, trim and bead shops. And, I’m happy to report, I did see a few people wheeling carts loaded with bolts of fabric down the sidewalk. New Yorky!

Next time, I’ll share some photos of the things that inspired me visually as we walked around the city.

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  1. Gina Rath

     /  November 28, 2012

    Looks like a grand adventure! You mentioned it wasn’t a bad trek on the way, what about on the way back? Or were you also pushing a cart filled with bolts of fabric?

    • Well, it was day three of walking the streets of New York, and my feet were feeling it. Although we probably ended up walking a few miles that day anyway. There’s just too much to see and do!

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