Meet Kitty

My husband and I are preparing for our first vacation together to New York City. I’ve only been once before, back in 2007 for work. It being my first trip to the city was memorable enough, but it was made even more so when I spotted someone very special.

It was garbage day in the city. A couple co-workers and I were walking back to our hotels from the Javits Center after a day at Book Expo America. And there she was, on the sidewalk, leaning against a building. Kitty.

Kitty as little worse for wear. Dusty. Possibly flea-infested. But she was simply too good to pass up. So we took turns carrying her the several blocks back to the hotel.

Once there, the question that needed to be asked was, “Now what?” We scavenged some cardboard from the convention center the next day, bought some packing tape at a Walgreens, and fashioned a box that would keep Kitty at least somewhat safe as she was shipped home.

Home, at first, was my boyfriend’s basement. Surrounded by concrete. There she was given some time to air out and lose any friends who may have been hitching a ride on her. I found out only later that my boyfriend (now husband) gave her a good spraying down, too.

Now Kitty hangs on the second floor of our house, above the stairs. From there she keeps a watchful eye. Some say those eyes will even follow you.

I, of course, love Kitty’s colors. And I love the effect of the two heights of looped yarn.

Will my next trip to New York City result in something as amazingly cool as Kitty? I’ll let you know. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed for garbage day.

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  1. What a fantastic find! I’m pretty envious.


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