Mug Rug Mania

I was a girl in need of mug rugs. I blame my husband and the fact he’s a light sleeper. Or it could be that I’m not very careful about setting things down in the middle of the night (water glasses tend to clunk on the table, eye drop bottles tip over, stuff like that). Either way, mug rugs were needed.

So I finished up a couple of projects this weekend and made them into mug rugs! The first one I finished was an experiment in string quilts. Here’s my original blog post about this string quilt project. And here’s how it looks done.

I decided to go with this layout of the blocks because I really like the large Xs that result. And I like that the triangle and binding fabric is only at the edges of the piece. As you can see a little better at the top of this post, the quilting I did is all just straight lines, randomly placed in each strip. Quick and easy.

The second mug rug I finished was my new pal, the flying geese. Here’s my original blog post on this paper pieced project. And here’s the finished* mug rug.

I had to add an asterisk on finished because I just spotted a line of quilting that I missed (can you see it?). I kept the quilting very minimal on this one, as I know the mug rug won’t get a lot of wear and tear. Softening the blow of an occasional eye drop bottle shouldn’t require too much quilting.

Ah, the wonderful feeling that comes with a project complete. Now, on to the next ones that need finishing!

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  1. Oh man – those are gorgeous!! You really know color, Christy. And your finishing is really beautiful. Good stuff.

    • Thanks, Andie. And thanks especially for your comment about color. I just put things together that look good to me, so it’s always nice to hear they look good to someone else, too!


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