Circle of Geese, Second Attempt

This weekend, I had the opportunity to sew. Sew a lot. Hours and hours of sewing. And, man, did that feel good.

I had some projects in mind to work on, but I also let the sewing spirits move me in different directions, too. One of those directions was toward paper piecing. As you may recall from this early blog post, I tried my hand at paper piecing by making a circle of flying geese. Each “goose” had its own paper piecing template. That resulted in 12 separate paper pieced sections to make. You could say I was highly challenged by the project.

After that, I was happy to never try paper piecing again. But this weekend, I had the opportunity to not only try a paper piecing project but to make the same project: a circle of geese. This template, however, had only four separate sections. A huge improvement. And I was in a sewing mood, open to experimenting, looking for new challenges.

So I gave it a go.

I think I had to unsew four times, tops. Compared to my previous attempt, that was a huge improvement, too. I don’t know—the concept of paper piecing just made sense this time. Maybe I wasn’t over-thinking it. Or maybe the atmosphere made all the difference. Either way, I think I can “un”swear off paper piecing. It’s really not that bad.

The template that I used to make this circle of geese came from Piece by Number; click here for the link. Give it a try!

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  1. You did such a great job! I really like your fabric choices, too.

  2. I love it, Christine! Thanks for the link to the template, too. I might have to try it. Cheers!

    • Oh, yay! You should try it! When you print out the pdf, there will be a template for the geese flying in a clockwise direction and a template for them flying in a counterclockwise direction. Choose which direction you want, and then make 3 more copies of that template for a total of 4. Have fun!

  3. So beautiful!! I love love this pattern. It’s totally on my bucket list.

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