Playing with String Blocks

Watch out. I have string quilts on the brain again. I’ve already made a string quilt wall hanging and a string quilt top. But this weekend, I got string-quilt inspired again, thanks to the Roar charity quilt I made recently. I ended up loving the fabrics in that quilt, and I thought the scraps would make a cute string quilt mug rug.

This time out, I decided to make my own string block pattern. I had a lot of scraps of the No-Show Mesh stabilizer left from the other projects, so I cut out 6 x 6-inch pieces. Next I made marks on the stabilizer with permanent marker as shown below. The wonky triangle at the top would be the same fabric for each block. The line down the center was a guide to make sure that the first piece I placed was straight.

I aligned the first piece of fabric with that center line and sewed it on with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

I pressed the first strip to the right, and I kept adding strips and pressing until the blocks were complete. I then trimmed each of the eight blocks to 6 x 6 inches.

I loved making the blocks—adding each string and seeing how they came out in the end. But once the blocks were done, the REAL fun began. Because once the blocks were done, I could start playing with the arrangement! My first inclination was to keep the triangle fabrics together.

I liked what was going on with the strings in this layout, so I reworked it a bit to make the strings the focus, rather than the triangles.

With a bit more playing, I realized that offsetting the triangles made kind of a cool shape, too.

Finally, I hit upon an arrangement I wasn’t expecting at all. In this one, the triangles form borders to the strings in the center. I kind of love it.

I’m not sure yet which arrangement I’ll go with. I’m not even sure I’ve hit upon all the potential arrangements. I may have to play with my blocks a bit more, just to be sure.

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  1. I think I like #2 the best, though they are all nice.

    • Christine Doyle

       /  October 11, 2012

      Yeah, I like that #2 has a big impact, even though it’s only 8 blocks. Thanks, Mom!

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