Design Inspiration: Alaskan Cruise Part 2

In my last post, I shared some of the natural beauty that we encountered on our recent Alaskan Disney cruise. Now I’d like to share some of the man-made things that inspired me on the trip.

As I mentioned, the whole family spent the weekend in Seattle before we boarded the ship. One of our stops there was the Space Needle. The scenery from the top was only mildly interesting, partly because the day was overcast, partly because we expected something taller with grander views. But it was well worth the price of admission for me when I spied the collection of souvenirs from the 1962 World’s Fair on display.

The Space Needle was built specifically for the World’s Fair, and it was celebrating its 50th Anniversary, just like Greg’s parents.

The World’s Fair that year was all about space, so you’d be a fool not to go home with a flying saucer lighter to commemorate the event.

Or perhaps a set of drinking glasses would be more your style.

I, however, was very taken by this fabulous beanie. It had the name Jenny embroidered on the side, the name of my sister who would have loved one as I much as I did. I tell you, if this stuff would have been in the current gift shop, I would have gobbled it up.

One evening, still in Seattle, the 10 of us were sitting at a restaurant when eight-year-old Haley asked her mother Meredith (my husband’s sister) and my husband, Greg, to draw Haley’s favorite animal, the wolf, in a drawing contest.

Meredith whipped out her smart phone to get a reference photo while Greg just dove in. While Meredith added shading and a majestic background to her drawing, Greg added a half-eaten person, a raptor flying overhead, and finally a shark poised to eat the wolf. As far as the contest went, Meredith got points for technical accuracy; Greg, however, draws a really good shark. I’d call it a tie.

Once aboard the Disney Wonder, I immediately loved the Art Nouveau/ Art Deco vibe of the decor. I later learned the ship’s interior design was meant to evoke the feel of the great ocean liners of the early 1900s. The restroom sign, pictured at the top of this post, was one of the first touches I spied.

After seeing a sign like that, I had to check out the bathroom, too.

There were several restaurants on the ship, each with its own unique decor. Triton’s featured a huge mosaic of characters from The Little Mermaid.

Animator’s Palate was decorated in black and white and featured sketches from Disney animated movies on the walls.

The plates in this restaurant were plain white with a drawn (looking) black line around the edge. I love details like that! (You can kind of see them in the image above.)

There were also a few theaters on the ship. One was for Broadway-style shows; four different shows ran during our week on the ship. I attended two and thought they were great, high quality shows. Truly impressive.

Another theater showed movies all week, including Brave and The Avengers, both of which are still in first-run theaters. I loved the carpet in this theater.

Before this cruise, I had never spent any time in a Disney entertainment facility (not even Disneyland or Disney World), but anyone who has will tell you that it’s all about the details in the world of Disney. And the Disney Wonder is no exception. I loved the thought that went into every aspect of the ship’s design and decor, from the lifeboats to the number indicator on the elevator. And I loved that they wanted to share that with the guests by offering a special design-oriented tour for nerds like me (where I learned many of the details in this post).

It turns out there’s one more post from our Alaskan trip coming your way. In it I’ll share with you the gift my husband Greg made for his parents: an illustrated bingo set filled with family memories.

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