Natural Beauty: Alaskan Cruise Part 1

My husband and I (along with my adventure bag and binocular case) had the great fortune to embark on an Alaskan Disney cruise with my husband’s family. I have to admit, before the trip was planned, an Alaskan cruise wasn’t at the very top of my list of things to do, and a Disney cruise probably would have been even further down the list. But the experience was absolutely amazing. Amazing enough for two blog posts, even.

In this first post, I’ll share some of my photos of the natural beauty and wonder we encountered. In post two, I’ll share some man-made inspirations.

Before we even got on the ship, we spent the weekend in Seattle and stopped by the Seattle Aquarium. Here I saw the most beautiful sea stars. Not just your typical orange ones, but all shades of purple and green, too. The photo above doesn’t quite capture the actual colors, but this grouping included purples with a touch of yellow and orange and a tiny bit of green. How pretty would a quilt in these colors be!

Once aboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship, we spent a few days at sea. On the third day, the ship took a trip into Tracy Arm to view a glacier. The sights along the way were simply  beautiful with waterfalls of rain and melting snow dotting the rock walls.

Icebergs in the water let us know we were getting close to the glacier.

The glacier was truly impressive: huge and blue with cracks and crevices everywhere.

Glacier watching is a bit chilly, as we found out. But our view was well worth the chilled bones.

Our first on-shore excursion was in Skagway, Alaska. Well, Haines, Alaska, actually, where we boarded small boats and made our way into an eagle preserve.  It was eaglet season, as luck would have it, and we actually saw three little guys, in additional to four mature eagles (thanks to nephew Perry for keeping count).

Excursion two had my husband and I making our way through the Tongass National Forest to view the Mendenhall Glacier. It rained every moment of our 3.5-mile hike, but when you’re in a temperate rain forest, it’s hard to complain. The whole area was something out of Lord of the Rings (I’m quite sure of this despite never reading the books and seeing only one movie—and not liking it). The first photo, with my adventure bag, was taken here, too.

For our third excursion, we boarded another boat and traveled into the Misty Fjords National Monument. This four-hour boat ride was filled with more waterfalls and rock walls, some of those purple sea stars I first saw at the Seattle Aquarium, and lot of mistiness.

Everything you hear about Alaska is true, in my experience. Breath-taking beauty, huge expanses, incredible remoteness. Truly something I’d recommend moving up on your list of things to do.

Next time, I’ll share some of my favorite design details of the Disney Wonder cruise ship as well other man-made things I found to be inspiring on the trip.

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