Pillowcases for Charity

Or Why I Need to Start Buying Fabric in Yard Cuts

The Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild has challenged its members to create pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer, a charity organization that supplies cheerful pillowcases to sick children in hospitals across the country and around the world. CMQG has the goal of making 100 pillowcases to give to the patients at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, an easily achievable goal if each member makes three cases.

I had never made a pillowcase before, so I was glad that both the ConKerr and the CMQG sites had links to tutorials. I found this video to be the most helpful, as it clearly explains the “hot dog” method of making the pillowcase. I usually don’t take the time to watch video tutorials, but the written tutorial for this method left my head spinning. The video includes measurements, too, so everything you need to know if right there!

Next, I went to my stash to find the perfect fabric. And that’s where my alternate title for this post comes in.

I love fat quarters. None of those fancy pre-cuts—jelly rolls, layer cakes and the like—for me. I like the cute little folded cuts of fabric that measure 18″ x 22″. I pick up several anytime I go to a fabric store—at a few dollars a piece, who can resist? Without making a stop at the cutting table, I have a nice bit of fabric with which I can do just about anything!

But they’re not quite enough to make a pillowcase.

The fabric needed for the main part of the pillowcase is 3/4 yard, but even the trim requires 1/3 yard. So finding the perfect fabrics in my stash was a little tough. Luckily, I had bought a few yards at the Herschnner’s warehouse sale, plus I had some leftover from the skirt I made a while back.

OK, this one might need to be donated to a nursing home or hospice center.

I found the pillowcases to be a fun and quick charitable sewing project (I sewed these three in part of an afternoon). I’ll need to make one more that’s a bit more whimsical for my third pillowcase for Guild. And while I’m at the fabric shop, I’ll buy some other yardage, too. A fat quarter will go a long way in small projects or cut up in quilts, but it’s worth it to have more of the stuff I love or the stuff I think others might love.

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