Quilting String Quilt #2

I can’t believe it, but I’m actually excited to be doing the quilting on this wall hanging. Even super excited! I started yesterday afternoon, and it’s going very well. In fact, I can’t wait to get back to it after my work is done for today!

A couple of things worked in my favor and allowed me to have a good quilting experience this time around. First, I came up with a quilting plan that I like and that works. There are a lot of stops and starts, which in this case means a lot of matching up of sewing lines, but so far it has gone pretty well. And, as I’ve mentioned previously, a lot of the pressure to make those lines match exactly is off since the whole quilt is a bit wonky by nature.

A second factor in my pleasant quilting experience is the Chaco Liner by Clover. It actually works as well as I’ve heard. The little gear that dispenses the chalk makes a very satisfying noise when you use it. And the lines it makes are clear. I’ve noticed that the lines do wipe away very easily, so I have been marking just the areas I’ll be sewing in the next few minutes. I tried marking more than that, and the lines were gone by the time I got to them. Although, I admit I was doing a lot of rearranging and maneuvering between marking sessions, so that could have been a factor.

Here’s hoping today goes as well as yesterday, so I can start building a bit of confidence in my quilting abilities!

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