String Quilt #2

And the string quilt #2 wall-hanging top is complete! As I mentioned, my first string quilt used scraps from previous projects. For this one, I wanted to use some of my favorite current fabrics, focusing on the orange and green ones that make up the bulk of my stash. I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out. Not all of the seams line up perfectly and a few stars are missing their points, but one of the things I love about string quilts is the imperfections are part of the charm. So I just added a few more imperfections of my own.

I’ve decided not to add borders to this string quilt either. To me, there’s so much going on that adding a border seems like just one more thing. Of course, one theory would be that a border could keep the chaos of the strings contained a bit. But I think I’m going to let a turquoise binding serve that task.

So next up is the quilting: the part that usually holds me up for several months…well, more likely several years. Because it is a nice, manageable wall-hanging size, my plan is to quilt it myself using all straight lines. The straight lines will be outside the ditch (because stitching in the ditch isn’t as easy as it sounds), adding to the geometric lines already going on.

Part of my quilting issues come from not having a really good, reliable marking tool. So my ears perked up recently when the women at the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild were talking about the Chaco Liner marking pen from Clover. Several of them have had great success with it, so I purchased one from Lavender Street in Montgomery (a shop dangerously close to my home), and I’m going to give it a try.

To learn how this quilt came to be, you can refer back to this blog post. And to read about some of the quirks of working on this quilt, you can take a look back at this post.

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  1. love the colours – it’s so happy looking! (and i’m curious to hear about the marker. it IS hard to find something that marks well, isn’t permanent but doesn’t disappear in a few hours!)

    • Thank you! If this marking pen works, I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops! And simply informing if it doesn’t work the way I’d hope. : )

  1. Quilting String Quilt #2 « Christine Doyle

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