String Quilt Observations

This weekend I had a chance to dig back into my latest string quilt. I love going back to a project and getting all excited about it again. I’ve decided to make this piece a wall hanging, 4 stars across by 4 stars down. I have a bit more done than I’m showing here, so I have about 31 triangles left to make.

As I was working on those last 31 triangles, two things struck me about making string quilts.

1. They take a lot of thread. In the past, I sewed so infrequently that it seemed like the thread on spools was infinite. The spools just never seemed to run out. Until I got to making string quilts. I’m sure the spool I was using wasn’t full, but I did run out last night. If nothing else, it feels like a sign of a productive day!

2. They’re a bit messy. When making my last string quilt, my husband and I started noticing little threads all over the house. Upstairs outside the craft room, downstairs in the kitchen, in the TV room, on our clothes. Pretty much all over. When you’re cutting that many strips, then trimming that many strips, you’re bound to get some loose threads. A sharp blade on the rotary cutter will help (and I need to go get a few new blades this week). But this time I’m also trying to control the spread of threads by vacuuming after each sewing session. I’m not a huge fan of vacuuming, but I decided I’d rather frequently vacuum the small space in the craft room rather than vacuum the entire house. Not that I’d really ever vacuum the entire house.

I’m learning that every project has its own quirks (here’s my blog post about the quirks of sewing with knits). Have you noticed that too? I’d love to hear the quirks of projects you’re working on. Just leave a comment below!

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