A Crafty Take on Our Beach Vacation

We’re back after a glorious week on the island of Grand Cayman. You can see a photo gallery of all the vacation highlights, including a trip to the beautiful Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and a few iguana pictures, here. But on the blog, I wanted to share a craftier take on our trip.

First, above is the long-promised picture of me in the skirt and bag I made for the trip. The bag handles held up very well (you can read about the changes I made to the pattern to make them sturdier here), but the fabric-covered button broke in the first few days. The shank of the button fell off the button back. Luckily my husband and craft hero stepped in and improvised a fix with some picture hanging wire and a pair of pliers. He’s a good guy to have around.

For beach fun, I brought my coloring book and colored pencils, and it turns out the colored pencils I am using for coloring love the warmth of the Caribbean! The wax in the pencils must have melted just enough to give a lot of color with very little effort. So I can highly recommend coloring on the beach.

Crocheting was my other primary beach activity, and I finished several more granny squares. I decided to alternate the outside color on the squares, so that I can get a nice pattern once I put them all together. It turns out, though, that making granny squares on the plane doesn’t work as well as I’d hope because you really need scissors to cut off the yarn after each color change. But I’d packed scissors in my checked bag, so once I got to Grand Cayman,  I could really crank them out.

On the sewing end of things, my mother-in-law, Susan, was kind enough to help me track down a few sewing stores on the island. The two that we found were both geared to the local garment sewers, so there wasn’t much in the way of quilting cottons. But I did find some iron-on transfer embroidery patterns at one of the shops. I’m sure these are available in the U.S., too, but I picked up a few here as quirky reminders of our stay.

Finally, I have to admit that I was a bit surprised by the lack of craftiness amongst the people we interacted with the most. No one else was crafting on the beach or expressed any interest in handmade (except, of course, for my always supportive husband and mother-in-law). I’m guessing that it had a lot to do with our location (an attempt to find an apron in the condo complex was unsuccessful, too). But that just makes me all the more grateful for my crafty family, friends, co-workers and blog readers. Your support and encouragement mean more than you know. So let’s all keep supporting our crafty comrades—wherever we go!

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  1. little5fir

     /  March 26, 2012

    I’ll be headed to a beach soon, too and you’ve inspired me to take some crafty projects along–especially colored pencils!

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