The Simple Joy of Coloring

My hands don’t like to be still. That’s why you can usually find a partially crocheted or hand-quilted project somewhere near me. But over Christmas I was reunited with two ways I used to keep my hands busy as a child: coloring and dot to dots.

Not just any coloring or dot to dots, mind you. Extreme coloring and dot to dots. My mother had ordered a book of various puzzles while placing a Christmas order with Mindware, a catalog company with the tag line “brainy toys for kids of all ages.” The book included complex story problems, word games, and of course, coloring and dot to dots.

The coloring was actually color-by-numbers, which for me made it extra appealing. My hands could be busy while my brain didn’t have to worry about choosing colors and could focus on the family conversations all around me. (It helped to have a niece who received a huge pack of colored pencils for Christmas, too.) And the dot-to-dots, I mean, who wouldn’t love a dot-to-dot with 300 to over 1000 dots?

When I got home, I found myself missing that book, so I ordered a few books (with just the things I liked—not the story problems) for myself. The subjects for each weren’t anything I’m completely interested in, but I ended up with Landscapes for the coloring and Animals for the dot-to-dots.

And I’ve been having a blast. I color while I’m waiting for dinner to cook. I color while we’re watching TV (except not during Sherlock or Downton Abbey—those shows take too much concentration). I color before bed. In fact, my wrist was aching from so much coloring that I had to take a tw0-day break. (Turns out my husband doesn’t have much sympathy for coloring-related injuries. Hmph.)

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  1. With a crack like that, you’re lucky I’m still letting you use my colored pencils…!

    • It’s true that I am using your Design Spectracolor colored pencils, which really are a delight to use. I just found out these were discontinued in 1997, so they’re even more special now!

      • I got them for Christmas when I was a freshman in high school! They’ve served me well, and I’m glad they still get used!

  2. Rachael

     /  February 23, 2012

    I’d love to do a connect the dots with over 300 dots! I might have to get one of those books for myself.

  3. Amy Smith

     /  April 27, 2013

    What are these books called? I would LOVE to get them!!

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