Zippered Pouches to the Rescue

When my job of 15 years came to an end in November 2011, I knew I wanted to take time off from work. I also knew I was going to have to keep busy in some other way as I adjusted to my new life without an office to go to five days a week. And that’s where the zippered pouch comes in.

I had made a couple of zippered pouches earlier in the year, after working on a craft video with Lisa Lam, author of The Bag Making Bible. In that video Lisa demonstrated just how not scary zippers could be, and the sewn zippered pouch seemed like the perfect place to test that notion. So I made a few for myself, pretty much got the hang of them, and then got busy again with work.

Once November came around, zippered pouches filled a void perfectly. They kept me busy when I needed to do something tangible; they were still a bit of a challenge; and they were useful. So I began sewing of zippered pouches. Nine to be exact by the time Christmas rolled around. My favorite part was playing with the fabrics and zipper colors.

I gave many of those pouches away as Christmas presents (adding a bit of duct tape to the designs for the males in the family). And then I started getting requests from the poor souls who didn’t get zippered pouches. So I made more. And since I’m now to the point where I can make one in about 45 minutes, I whipped one up for the Modern Quilt Guild swap this month, too.

Applique—pretty fancy, isn’t it?

Three months into my new life, I’ve started my own freelance business, editing, proofreading, indexing for publishers and authors looking for an experienced editor. I’m relegating sewing to the weekends again (and the occasional slow afternoon). I know I have a few more zippered pouches in me (they are so darn useful), but I’m hoping I don’t need to make zippered pouches again. If I do, though, I just may have to open that Etsy shop I’ve been thinking about.

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  1. isn’t it satisfying to conquer zipper-phobia?! congratulations!
    i posted on a similar achievement (creating a zipper pocket in a bag, sans pattern) and can definitely relate to lisa lam’s brilliance.

    • Hooray for conquering zipper-phobia! I’m taking a big next step and making a skirt with a zipper. We’ll see how that goes. And thanks for finding me! The iPhone cozies on your blog are adorable!

  2. Where can i find your rss? I can not seem to find it

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